Language and Literature essays

Essay is one of the most wide-spread genres of academic writing. The purpose of an essay is to provide a detailed explanation, description, and analysis of the topic given. There are different kinds of essays depending on which sphere of knowledge it refers to, e.g. language essays, literature essays, law essays, history essays, etc. A successfully written essay has already allowed a large number of people to get a place at a university or college of their dream and to win a scholarship.

Among the subjects where students are regularly asked to write essays are Languages and Literature. To write a quality language or literature essay you should stick to the following simple but useful tips:

Carefully select the topic

Among all the topics offered by your professor choose the one that interests you most. You cannot create a salient essay unless you feel excited about the research issue.

Define the thesis statement

Make sure you understand your essay topic and after that formulate a thesis statement. It should be accurate and clear. It usually takes one sentence to summarise the thesis and give the reader some background information of the essay.

Carry out research

Use various sources to collect data, e.g. books, scientific journals, newspapers, and the Internet. It is also reasonable to compile questionnaires and conduct interviews. Do not forget to note down some important facts.

Draw the outline

Plan your essay in order to systematically arrange your ideas. Take time while planning, it will help you avoid common mistakes.

Write a draft of your essay

Extend your outline to the first draft, without wasting time concentrating on its quality. You will have time to correct all the errors later whereas now the aim is to concorporate separate ideas.

A well-written essay consists of an introduction, the main body, conclusion and reference page.


An essay introduction should be designed so that to induce the reader to read the text up to the end. It is here that the thesis statement is formulated. You can try making your introduction humorous if it corresponds to the topic.

Main body

This part is usually composed of three paragraphs that comprise supportive information. The first paragraph provides the strongest facts supported by the most vivid example. The second and the third paragraphs come next. Altogether they are called the main body of the essay because it includes most of the information supporting the thesis statement.


Here you should summarize the whole essay. All issues which have been described or explained in the main part are brought together by the conclusion.

Reference list

It is usually a list of sources where you took the information for your work. As a rule, it is formatted according to the requirements given by your supervisor.


When the rough draft is ready, take time before you start proofreading. During this phase, you should consider your essay as a whole unity and eliminate structural mistakes. Focus on the coherence of the text rather than on minor grammar or spelling mistakes.


In this stage, pay your attention to all possible errors, lexical, grammatical, or spelling. It is highly recommended to ask someone to read your essay as they may find some drawbacks you have not noticed.

Custom Essays

Those students who cannot say that writing Languages and Literature essays is their strong point can use a custom essay service.

Custom essays form a separate group of essays notwithstanding their subject or topic. Each of them is created for one particular person by a professional writer specifically to address the necessary topic or research question. A custom essay can be compared to designer clothes as it is individually tailored to suit the student’s requests and guaranteed not to be sold to anyone else.

A custom essay is a unique guide through the studying process, and it gives a chance for academic success to those students who lack outstanding writing skills but want to meet all the educational demands. They can use a custom essay as a model for their own written creative work. Having an expertly composed example will make any student’s life easier and motivate to put pen to paper.