Ideas for Cause and Effect Essay

Knowing and understanding this type of essay will help to express the ideas that are in the form of cause and effect relationship. This essay presents the concepts of how a cause can make an effect and at the same time cause and effect relation explores why things happen. Writing the essay on causes and effects has to aim at giving the reader close examination of situation and develop evidence through research and thoughtful arguments.

And so it may become really complicated questioning where to start (topic), what to emphasize cause or effect, or both. And continue with the question how to go through all these events maintaining relationship and do not get confused; pulling together all evidence and make strong statements to sum up the essay. And here we are going to discuss some ideas for writing such type of essay.

How to start the writing?

First of all, there need to be a brainstorming to figure out a possible essay topic by identifying a variety of causes and effects. There may be arrived a long list of topics, but cut down it by choosing the most specific. Decide if you about to discuss a single topic or multiple points. Find all the causes and effects related to your essay topic by asking questions until you are convinced that you have all of them. Make sure that the relationships are logical and actual.

Once you have detected the topic do some research to find background information of your theme. You can discover such information by reading a general reference material like an encyclopedia, dictionary, or other reference source; using the library catalogue, periodicals or Internet. But keep in mind the Internet should never be your only source of information.

After research is done, consider the way of your cause and effect essay organization. Make a careful plan of how you want your final composition to look like. Give a form to the essay. It can be presented in one of the following three ways:

Chronological order:

  • Details are organized in order to follow one event after another in time.

Order of importance:

  • Arrangement of details is coming from least important to most important or backward.

Categorical order:

Arrangement of details occurs by dividing the topic into parts or categories.

Decide the structure of your essay think if you wish to emphasize cause or effect, or both. Determine if there are a chain reaction occurred. It could be presented in such forms:

  • One cause leads multiple effects.
  • Many causes lead to one effect.
  • Chain reaction of events.
  • Specific conditions lead to other conditions.

Make a plan by outlying the major topics and minor point supporting by sub-points. Outline is a frame of your essay. It is includes the following sections:

  • An interesting topic.
  • An introduction of main idea.
  • An emphasized three or more points derived from main statement.
  • At least three body paragraphs based on main points.
  • Supporting information and samples.
  • A conclusion that ties all the events together.
  • After all previous work is done and only then you may proceed with writing process.

What should you focus on?

Write your introduction by presenting your topic and explaining main idea of the essay. Add thesis statements at the end of your introduction.

Write body paragraphs revealing your causes and effects and their relations in logical and coherent way. Support them with good evidences.

Write the conclusion explaining the general significance of your thesis and providing relevant recommendations.

At the very end when you consider the work is done make a final move editing and proofreading your essay. It helps you to have a fresh and objective look at your essay and pay attention to its weak points. Take a break between essay writing and editing. You should have a clear mind and enough time to do that. For editing and proofreading there are some simple steps to follow:

Check the spelling and the grammar on your computer. It cannot catch every error, but it might catch errors that you have missed.

You may wish to print out the copy of your essay and edit it manually. It may helps to see the missed errors.

Read the thesis and see if it is clear and easy to understand and represents the content of the essay.

Read the paragraphs and see if they contain relevant information and are free of meaningless sentences. Check accurate evidence that shows the cause-and-effect relationship. Pay attention to transitional words and phrases that link paragraphs and thereby one point proceeds to another smoothly. Remember to use only truthful information that shows credibility.

Read the conclusion and make sure it is consecutive with the subject of the essay and relate to the thesis statement.

Read your essay at large and aloud or even better ask somebody to read through. It will help you to see the difference between what you designed to write and what you actually wrote.

In addition, remember to use strong verbs. Anytime you have a verb and a noun and you look at the noun which could be its own verb, use it in the verbal form instead. Compare the following samples:

  • weak verb: She gave assistance to her mother.
  • strong verb: She assisted her mother.

Writing excellent essay takes practice. Do not even think that you will not succeed at it or it will not worth of your time. Just never stop trying.